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Don Mattingly Joins Bob Salomon’s Epic Journey

Just wanted to share a new article from Baseball Digest about our involvement with Bob Salomon and his mission to help kids around the world through his involvement with the award winning book “A Glove of Their Own”.

If you haven’t read the book it is a heartwarming tale of kids who just want to play ball and the man who’s generosity allows them to play the game they love.

Since this is part of the mission of Mattingly Charities as well Donnie felt this was a great message and an excellent organization to support.

Don Mattingly Joins Bob Salomon’s Epic Journey

via Baseball Digest

You can get more information about Mattingly Charities here on our new site or over at our Facebook page.

You can also get more information about A Glove of Their Own and Bob Salomon at their website.  All equipment donated to children by Mattingly Charities is provided by Mattingly Sports.

– The Mattingly Charities Team

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